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Notification Process for Underage Abortion

The Texas Family Code addresses the necessary requirements for a minor female to obtain an abortion.  A physician is required to give at least 48 hours in advance actual notice to the minor’s parent, managing conservator, guardian, or court-appointed managing conservator or guardian.  The parental notification requirement can be waived under a judicial order; additionally, if the medical condition of the pregnant minor is at grave risk, which necessitates an immediate abortion of her pregnancy, a physician can perform the abortion absent parental notification.

If the court finds that the minor is mature and sufficiently well informed, that notification would not be in the minor's best interest, or that notification may lead to physical, sexual, or emotional abuse of the minor, the court shall enter an order authorizing the minor to consent to the performance of the abortion without notification to either of her parents or a managing conservator or guardian and shall execute the required forms.  However, if the court finds that the minor does not meet the requirements mentioned above, the court may not authorize the minor to consent to an abortion without the notification requirements.