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Changing A Child's Name

A parent, managing conservator, or guardian of a child may file in the county where the child resides a petition requesting that the child's name be changed.  Unlike a name change for an adult where no one is served with citation, a petition for the name change of a child must be served on a parent of the child, any managing conservator, and any guardian of the child.

The petition must be verified and include:

  1. the present name of the child and residence of the child;
  2. the reason for the name change;
  3. full name requested;
  4. whether the child is subject to the continuing exclusive jurisdiction of the court; and
  5. whether the child is subject to registration requirements of Chapter 62, Code of Criminal Procedure.

If the child is 10 years of age or older, the child's written consent to the change of name must be attached to the petition.