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Obtaining a Marriage License

To obtain a marriage license, a couple must appear before the county clerk, file an Application for Marriage License, and pay the required fee, which is approximately $ 70.00.  After proof of identification and age are shown, the application must be completed and sworn to under oath.  If an applicant cannot appear, a proxy can stand in provided that the non-appearing party executed an affidavit authorizing the stand-in.  After the license is obtained, Texas law imposes a 72 hour waiting period; however, under certain circumstances, the court may waive the 72 hour waiting period.  An additional wait period of 30 days exists if one of the applicants is recently divorce; however, this too can be waived by a court having jurisdiction over family law matters under certain, limited conditions and a license may be issued within the 30 day time period.

If you need to obtain an exception to one of the general rules, Rob Galvin, P.C. can assist you in this endeavor; however, if an exception is not required, contacting your county clerk is your first step in this relatively straight forward process.