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A New Approach to Grandparent Litigation

In January 2009, Rob Galvin, P,C. and the Law Office of Denise Hyde, P.C., formed a formidable team created for the sole purpose to advocate for foster parents, grandparent, relatives, and other persons wanting to provide children a safe, stable, loving home.*  Although this section focuses on grandparents, the Galvin Hyde team represents other relatives of the children involved in a CPS case, including adult siblings, aunts, uncles, and other relatives.

Since its inception, the Galvin Hyde team has achieved significant results.  For example, in August 2009, the team tried a foster parent suit to the jury.  Since our client filled suit against CPS, it was our burden to go first at trial and present evidence.  After a week of trial, we rested; thus, it was CPS's turn to present its case.  However, prior to putting on their case, CPS abandoned their efforts and withdrew their oporder:  The case was over and our client won without the case ever going to the jury.  It is important to note that each and every single juror came out to greet our client, hug her, congratulate her, and even cry a little bit with her.  Most jurors spent over an hour speaking to her.  The adoption consummation occurred 10 days later and several jurors appeared and some jurors attended a post-adoption celebration at her home a few days after adoption.

Of course, not every case is going to result with jurors becoming so committed to a family that they would attend a party, or even for that matter, a jury trial; however, every case is a battle against people that want something different for you and your family.  It is with this in mind that we are committed and prepared to fight for your interest and the interest of the child.  We currently are or have been involved in foster parent or grandparent litigation against CPS in numerous counties throughout Central Texas.

* Please note that Rob Galvin, P.C. and the Law Office of Denise Hyde, P.C. are separate entities.  The creation of this team does not create a partnership or merge both firms.  We simply have taken our individual expertise and for the sole purpose of representing foster parents or grandparents against CPS, merged our talents and expertise to form a strong team seasoned in trial work, CPS litigation and policies, grandparent rights, foster parent rights, adoptions, and the social and behavioral sciences that frequent these types of cases.  We continue to work independently with our own respective clients that do not require our dual services.