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At times, CPS wants to remove a child from her foster home, not due to the foster parent, but for some inexplicit reason.  We have seen cases where a child has spent her entire life with a foster parent to then have CPS decide to move the child 15 months into the case, or CPS making the decision to move a child to a placement that originally stated that they could not care for the child, which triggered four placements in less than a year.  Sadly, when CPS makes iniquitous decisions it pits a foster parent against CPS, forcing a foster parent to file suit in order to defend the child's best interest.

Engaging in a legal battle against CPS is not only time consuming, but stressful and costly.  Often CPS has built a lasting relationship with service providers, such as, therapists, psychologists, etc., thus, it is likely that CPS will have a small army of professionals ready to testify in support of their order.  Nevertheless, with the correct trial strategy, independent professionals, and facts, we have found success against CPS in these types of case.  If you decide that the child's best interest deems it necessary for you take on CPS, we are here to assist you.