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Types of Foster Parents

There are essentially two types of foster homes, regular foster homes, which can be basic or therapeutic, and legal risk homes or foster adopt homes.  The focus of this section concerns foster adopt homes, i.e., foster parents that are committed to the long term care and adoption of foster children placed in their home.  However, even a foster adopt home is made aware of the fact that if a parent successfully completes services or a family member is identified early on in the case and wants to care for the child, there is not much that can be done.  The real issue is what happens when the child has been in the foster home for a significant period of time or when a parent's ability to care for the child is in serious question.  

Although the content on this website concerns foster parents seeking to challenge CPS's order regarding the long term plan of a child, we are equipped to assist foster parents with administrative issues, so please feel free to contact our office if your licensing agency recommends that you need an attorney or states they cannot help you.