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Family Law Overview

The Texas Family Code contains the laws that govern matters related to families.  The Code is divided into five titles.  Title 1 addresses the gamut from establishing the marriage to dissolving it.  Title 2 regards limitations on minors, parental liability, and name changes.  Title 3 concerns juvenile justice or juvenile criminal proceedings.  Title 4 pertains to protective orders and family violence.  Title 5 focuses on the parent-child relationship, which includes issues of conservatorship, custody, visitation, child support, and every other imaginable matter that can affect the parent-child relationship.

A divorce or annulment action is styled "In the Matter of the Marriage of ____ and ____."  Upon the entry of a Final Decree of Divorce, generally the marriage is formally and finally dissolved.  However, if there exists minor children that are subject to the divorce, the matter related to the children is styled "In the Interest of _______, ________, Children."  Although the divorce decree establishes final orders, actions involving children are subject to modification, enforcement, and contempt actions.

The Divorce tab or category on this website focuses on issues related to the dissolution of the marriage, not issues related to the parent-child relationship.  General topics concerning children are found under the Children tab, as well as the other categories.