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What is a SAPCR?

A legal action involving a child is referred to as a Suit Affecting the Parent-Child Relationship or SAPCR, even if the parent-child relationship is not at issue, e.g., grandparent's rights litigation.  At the conclusion of a SAPCR case, a final order is entered; however, a child's interests are subject to change, thus, SAPCR's are subject to further modifications until the child becomes an adult.  The trial court that rendered the final order maintains continuing and exclusive jurisdiction of the child's case; therefore, any future lawsuits modifying the prior orders must be filed in the same court.

The most common way that a SAPCR originates is as a part of the divorce proceedings.  However, non-married parents can file a SAPCR to establish paternity, child support, rights and duties, insurance coverage, visitation schedule, and any other issue related to a child's needs.  The Children tab on this website addresses some of the common topics; however, other issues, such as, adoption, grandparents, CPS, and international abduction can be found in the other category areas.  If you have any questions regarding the welfare of your children, please do not hesitate to contact Rob Galvin, P.C.