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Geographical Restriction: Where Can I Live?

The trial court may order a geographical restriction, which limits the geographical region that a child can reside in with his/her custodial parent. In most circumstances, the trial court will name a specific county and its contiguous counties as the place of restriction.  For example, a SAPCR in Austin may have an order stating that the child shall reside in Travis County or contiguous counties.  However, geographical restriction can be as expansive as to the Continental U.S., multiple states, the entire State of Texas and as specific as limiting residency to the boundaries of a particular school.

Where geographical restrictions have been ordered, the current judicial trend is to modify the restriction to permit a parent the opportunity to seek employment advancements outside the initial restricted area.  The appellate courts have opined that we are now part of a modern economy that requires people to shift from employer to employer and often times from one geographical location to another, in order to continue the advancement of our respective careers.  Long gone are the days where a person works for a single company for 20 years until retirement.