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Child Support Tables: Percentages and Calculations

Child support should be computed on gross annual income and then be recalculated to determine average monthly gross income.  For example, if the obligor makes $ 15.00 per hour the monthly gross income is calculated as follows:  15 x 40  =  $ 600 (weekly income), then 600 x 52 = $ 31,200 (annual income), then 31,200 / 12 = $ 2,600 (monthly income).  Child support is based on net monthly income which is determined by subtracting from gross income social security taxes and federal income tax withholding for a single person claiming a personal exemption and the standard deduction.

The guidelines for child support apply to the first $7,500 of net monthly income of the obligor (person paying child support). Child support guidelines are as follows:


  • 1 child 20% of Obligor’s Net Resources
  • 2 children 25% of Obligor’s Net Resources
  • 3 children 30% of Obligor’s Net Resources
  • 4 children 35% of Obligor’s Net Resources
  • 5 children 40% of Obligor’s Net Resources
  • 6+ children Not less than the amount for 5 children

Travis County provides an excellent child support calculator; however, the calculations are only an estimate and should not be construed as legal advice.