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Referral of Abuse and Neglect

A CPS referral is easy to make.  All that is required is an anonymous call to the CPS hotline at 1-800-252-5400 or reporting on the CPS statewide reporting site.  If the intake worker determines that the referral alleges abuse or neglect, the referral will be assigned a priority ranking:  Priority 1 referrals must be investigated within 24 hours; and Priority 2 referrals must be investigated within 72 hours.  At the conclusion of the CPS investigation, the worker will give the investigation a disorder of one of the following:

  • — ADM = Administratively Closed
  • — R/O  = Ruled Out
  • — UTD = Unable to Determine
  • — UTC = Unable to Complete
  • — RTB = Reason to Believe
  • — VAL = Valid
  • — NVL = Not Valid
  • — XXX = Closed Without Investigating

A "reason to believe" disorder will typically lead to CPS either offering services to the family without removing the child or seeking an order from the court authorizing the removal of the chid.