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A party unsatisfied with the trial court's decisions may file an appeal.  Thus, even if at trial you were the successful party or do not have any intentions of filing an appeal, you may still find yourself smack in the middle of an appeal.  The appellate process is quite different than the trial process.  Trial may be seen as an attempt to uncover relevant facts by introducing admissible evidence and applying the law to those particular set of facts.  Whereas, appeals have a much narrower scope and typically examine if the trial court correctly applied the law; if the facts supported the court's decision; and/or if the law is constitutional.

The appellate process is complex and rife with deadlines; e.g., an appeal in most cases must be filed within 30 days of judgment (i.e., the date the judge signed the order); however, there are some circumstances where the notice of appeal must be filed within 20 days of judgment and a statement of points must be filed within 15 days of judgment.  It is critical that you have an attorney that is not only well versed in family law, but also, is experienced in the intricacies of trial and the ability to formulate strong, persuasive written arguments at the appellate level.