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General Procedural Prerequisites

The following is a partial list of some of the prerequisites and procedures for an adoption; the list is not complete but should be read as a sample as to some of the requirements of the adoption process-

  1. Both spouses must join in the petition for adoption.
  2. Pre-adoptive and post-placement social studies must be conducted.
  3. A final hearing for adoption shall be granted a preferential setting.
  4. Unless the adoptive parent is the child's grandparent; aunt or uncle; or stepparent, a report concerning the child's health, social, educational, and genetic history must be compiled.
  5. The prospective adoptive parent has the right to see the compiled report.
  6. The prospective adoptive parents' criminal record must provide their criminal history.
  7. Absent the court waiving the requirement, the child must reside with the petitioner for not less than six months prior to adoption.
  8. The written consent of the managing conservator, if the managing conservator is a different than the prospective adoptive parents.