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Friday, January 7th 2011

CPS Special Investigators Plan Failing

In 2005, CPS started a program to employ special investigators, i.e., investigators with law enforcement experience.  The concept seemed simple enough, in order to better protect children hire persons with law enforcement experience to assist investigating more complex cases .  However, since the start of the program of the 431 special investigators hired , 273 have left CPS.  Currently, more than a third of the 236 positions are vacant.  It seems at the heart of the problem is the clash between the social work model and the law enforcement model.  As ex-SI Rogers explains, "The very nature of [a police officer's] job is to infringe on people's freedom."  Additionally, many ex-SIs did not like to having to answer to non-law enforcement types.  Ex-SI K. James details his frustration as having to be "supervised by someone with no law enforcement experience and you're suppose to be advising that person and they see you as nothing more than a glorified caseworker."  Where the program continues is left to be seen.

CPS plan to save kids loses momentum

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