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Friday, September 24th 2010

The Witness Protection Divorce

John Gotti's self proclaimed adopted son Lewis Kasman is finding that being married to the mob has more than one meaning.  Not only is he a walking target of the Gambino crime family, but his soon to be ex-wife is taking shots at him that even his witness protection detail cannot shield him from.  As with most divorces, the heart of the fight lies with money, or the belief that there is hidden treasure out there.  It reminds me of the client that swore that her husband was hiding cash under every rock, but called one day to let me know that she loaned him $200 because he was hungry and needed money for groceries.  She failed to see the contradiction between her actions and her beliefs.  Of course, there was no hidden treasure, a realization that Mrs. Kasman may soon have to come to and accept the fact that when her ex or soon to be is living off a government pay check of $250 per week and in the company of U.S. Marshall's, there really isn't a lot to fight over.

Mob ties complicate Palm Beach County divorce for dad in witness protection program

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